Heng Balance Lamp

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Want a simple but effective accessory to add to your home?

The simple look of the Heng Balance Lamp gives a perfect and modern feel to any room at home, office, hotel, restaurant. The lamp is well designed and it brings a lot of attention to it because people don't normally see floating light switches every day.


Heng balance lamp-turn on


The lamp may look normal at first sight, but once you pay attention to it, you notice the ingenious design and that went into it. It's easy to focus on the big picture of things but most people forget about the small details.


Use it everywhere you want

The lamp comes with a USB plug. The low power requirement of the LED lights allows it to be powered by a laptop. The lighting in a room is important because this is what sets the mood and ambiance. The soft lighting of the lamp makes it perfect for reading, studying, writing and many more. 


  • Can be powered by a computer via USB (Included)
  • 47 Integrated LED lights, low power cost (requires only 5V)
  • Made with high-quality wood
  • The size is 275 x 235 mm